Who is deion sanders dating

In the book, the main character is dating a rapper who eventually leaves her for a NFL player’s daughter.She also touches on dealing with jealousy and catching a case behind her man (all things she experienced while with Boosie.) According to Baller Alert, Boosie has moved on to Deion Sanders’ daughter, Deiondra. Deiondra has been throwing hints around for a minute now.If anyone's gonna have sex with Babyface's ex-wife, the legendary music producer is glad it's Deion Sanders.Kenny "Babyface" Edmonds -- who divorced ex-wife Tracey Edmonds in 2005 -- recently sat for an interview with Oprah, and explained how Tracey's new BF Deion approached him for a man-to-man talk to make sure they had no problems with each other.But at 44, it's hard to believe that there is enough Prime Time left in Sanders to make another run at a beautiful wife.Sure, the guy is a public figure, he has a great fan following and isn't exactly broke, but the last time Neon Deion was spitting game for the ladies, he was picking off passes for the Dallas Cowboys in the mid-1990s."Pilar and I have decided to end our marriage and move on to the next phase of our individual lives with mutual respect.She has not yet found the type of a partner she is seeking for.

Odell seems like a really great guy, but we are not in any type of relationship and to address the other rumors I’ve been dating him for a while, I literally just met him during the concert. We know #OBJ is #Drake’s #1 #roadie, maybe he’s finally moving on. Our source tells us this has been happening on the low down for a little while. #spring into your #summer #island #beach #body now!Our source tells us, “Pilar really likes Odell’s energy, she enjoys spending time with him, makes her feel young and alive” says our source. Check out the Prime-time couple below.-TO A post shared by Terez Owens (@terezowens) on Pilar, who calls herself an actress, model, fitness guru on Facebook, has been in the news often since her divorce from Deion in 2013. #Odell Beckhamjr #Pilar Sanders in #Paris at #Drake Concert #together #Prime Time #Couple? #New York Giants wide #receiver #Odell #Beckham Jr.was having a tough time deciding between the girl he was with, Pilar Sanders, and the dude on stage last night in Paris at the Drake concert. Age ain’t nothing but a number, as she more than proves on social media…

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