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(To learn more about these standards, check out ) When the EAVT tool is finished, the results will be displayed in a tabbed format grouping the various protocols together.Clicking on the various tabs (Active Sync, IMAP, POP3, SMTP etc.) will reveal the discovery results and an option to validate the information (Active Sync accounts are validated automatically).Existing users who have not migrated to BIS 2.4 will be prompted with a migration option after you enter your user ID and password.Read and understand the changes before making a decision.

After it fails, then the user needs to re-validate their account.People need to understand they will no longer have access to Do D Enterprise Email and AKO once they surrender their CAC or date of retirement (whichever happens first).INFORMATION: The Do D Enterprise Email does NOT have the ability to be accessed using Outlook or other email program on a computer that is not on the or network. This means it Solution 1-2: Yes, use your government owned Black Berry, i Phone, i Pad, or Android device (Only for Business Class users) Solution 1-3: Yes, bring your government computer with you and use VPN (For all users, normally only business class users) Solution 1-4: If your organization uses Citrix, you may be able to use it to login with your CAC enabled home computer and access your Outlook via the Citrix client.Does anybody know a possible workaround for this, or how I can go about changing the priority of the polling process?Access the Settings section of your Blackberry device and select the Accounts section: Select the Add Account option found at the bottom of the screen: Select the Advanced option at the bottom of the screen (This document is built around the Advanced section, auto-configure might work but to make sure all the settings are accurate please select Advanced Select IMAP account as the type of account: This is where all the settings are set, please enter/confirm the following settings: Username: Your full email address Email Address: Your full email address Password: Your password Server Address: imap.Encryption: NONE Port: 143 SMTP Username: Your full email address SMTP Password: Your password SMTP Server Address: relay.SMTP Encryption: OFF SMTP Port: 587 Select Done, the settings should now be validated and double checked.

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