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Examples of country specific top-level domains are SG (Singapore) and CA (Canada), while generic top-level domains include the well-known COM (commercial organizations), EDU (educational institutions), GOV (governmental organizations), and NET (network organizations), among others.

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As opposed to the X.509 model, DNSSEC does not have a Certificate Authority (CA) that can vouch for authenticity of the public keys.

To locate any domain name, a DNS server starts by asking one of the root servers (unless it already has a closer match cached) The root server will supply a referral (NS-records) to DNS servers responsible for the next level (.com, .net, etc.).

The DNS server then repeats the request to one of those server, which will supply a referral to DNS servers for the next level (for example; simpledns.com), and so on, until the requested domain name is found. This way a DNS server can locate any name in the world, as long as it knows the IP addresses of the root DNS servers.

Information about this domain resides on root servers located around the world.

There are 13 root DNS server IP addresses, but these actually represent a lot more root servers through some advanced routing techniques.

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