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As close as German, design-focused watch brand Nomos Glashutte will come to releasing a diver's watch, they've decided to call their new water resistant Ahoi a 'swimming watch'.

Available in a range of colours, the midnight blue dial with matching fabric strap is my pick for 2017.

I moved from just outside of Dallas 3 years ago and married my Swiss partner -- couldn't be happier and can't imagine living back there any longer. Nothing to do with your question, but just wanted to express my appreciation of a great city!

So nice to have a legally recognized relationship -- sweet freedom at last. Switzerland will be, how can I put it, somewhat different!

The DLC (Diamond-Like-Carbon) model is my pick of the marque's 2017 releases and it comes in at around 38 grams (about the same as a very small chicken egg).

However, same-sex couples would not have the same rights in terms of: The official title of the same-sex union is "eingetragene Partnerschaft" in German, "partenariat enregistré" in French and "unione domestica registrata" in Italian.

The bill was passed by the National Council, 111 to 72, on 3 December 2003 and by the Council of States on 3 June 2004, with minor changes.

In Switzerland, for a constitutional amendment to become law, it is first required that the Parliament approves the amendment and then that the people and the cantons (states) vote in its favor in a mandatory referendum.

In a nationwide referendum on 5 June 2005, the Swiss people approved by 58% a registered partnership law, granting same-sex couples the same rights and protections as married couples in terms of next of kin status, taxation, social security, insurance, and shared possession of a dwelling.

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