To @mention more than one person, continue to tap the @ button and add as many people as you like.You can use All Members to notify all room members, whether they're online or not, or All Present Members to notify the people who are present in the room at that time.

If you're already familiar with how to build add-ons and just need to refer to the API documentation, you've landed in the right place.

Now, users will be able to insert randomly-generated GIFs into their message rooms – whether it's to better express a sentiment or idea, or for visual analogy.

To add an animated GIF in conversation, type /giphy on a new line followed by a keyword or phrase.

The purpose of this CSS reset is to reset browser and theme defaults, to prevent Weaver Pix themes conflicting with Rapid Weaver themes and vide-versa.

Although not a totally water-tight solution, this CSS code should help to alleviate many common Weaver Pix theme stying issues and inconstancies.

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