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Disheartened but not dismayed I decided to carry on with my plans of visiting a gay sauna.In the weeks leading up to my arrival in Bangkok I had been reading on the Internet about a famous sauna in the city called Babylon.We had a good time and all the guests left the home by eleven at night.Now, my son, rinku, was helping me clean the home along with my 14 year old daughter Shipra. Two days ago, I had gone next door to return my sisters book of recipes. Now, two days ago I stopped at my sisters back door and knocked. I called out for Beth or her husband Tom, but heard no response.

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This is probably true, but for me, it's anal (whether given or taken) that is the ultimate decider of whether you have lost your actual gay virginity. Earlier this year I was in Bangkok as part of a larger post-university trip through Asia.

I know that some people think of any gay experience, such as oral or mutual wanking, to be gay sex.

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