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All these folks have common roots, leading back through Chuck Berry to the blues.I also loved Paul Kossoff’s economy of notes, tone, and famous wrist vibrato. Decided to build another board so I had it in storage for about two years. Comes with the original Fulltone box if you want it. Professional recording/live gear like microphones, stands, cables, and preamps are also available. Features include Chorus/Vibrato switch, Vintage/Modern switch, Intensity and Volume controls. No longer manufactured Adrian Selling extremely rare vintage Fulltone Fulldrive 1 in Pristine Condition Not many of these were made, and Mike Fuller himself hand built the originals. HIRE/RENT a Piano, Synth or Effect Pedals -Great for touring musicians, an upcoming recording session, or those just needing something for rehearsal for a very reasonable price.

I must mention at this point that I believe we all owe a certain Mike Matthews a debt of gratitude for his efforts and tenacity in keeping EHX going in the face of tough times in the past.

The CD is a collection of hook-laden rock and roll originals that pay homage to the Beatles, the Byrds, Led Zeppelin, Rick Derringer, Mott the Hoople, and many other guitar-driven acts.

It’s classic solidbody swagger recorded with piles of vintage Gibsons and Fenders, stompboxes, and tube amps. Who are some of your influences – players and bands?

An Internal Trimmer allows for adjustment of Clipping Symmetry, Harmonics, and Tracking. " I know there's this misconception that we're some BIG CORPORATION... ) and the fact that I have patched things up with the transistor company that made my germaniums during the heyday of the 69 pedal (1994-1997), I can now get perfect germanium transistor matched pairs (same as used in the recent 69 Slight Return and same that were used in the 1994-1997 69's).

Specifications subject to change at any given moment due to availability... True-Bypass w/LED is standard equipment to preserve tone when the pedal is off! So I am officially coming out with a small box version of the 69 pedal (in a OCD, Fat Boost3 sized enclosure) called "69 mk II." Boxes are done, pcb is done, silk-screens are done, we start building in a couple of weeks.

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