Dzoic dating software review

Unlike legacy community software, CMNTY Platform comes with more than just forum and blog functionality.Learn more about CMNTY Platform CMNTY Platform is an intuitive all-in-one solution for building online communities that inspire interaction.Means that different kind of profiles and information is combined in the same profile. Account Settings: This section contains some basic information and settings like e-mail address, passwords, birth date, country of residence, etc. I think that there MUST be an example or at least a hint on what kind of links you should put there to add a sound or a video file.This community software review will talk about Dzoic Handshakes.Then it needs supporting, bug fixes, and most importantly, you need to build the service to critical mass. Someone walks into your freshly built dating shop and they look around.Well, it's a nice shop, but what's on your shelves. They look at your shelves and see the profiles are covered in cobwebs. They might stick around, and they might even spend one months membership, but in general, they will run quickly once they find your site has no responsive people on it.First of all I would like to mention that this is a completely community solution and doesn't have any dating parts.So, if you want to combine both dating and community sites, this one will not be suitable for you.

I will be using the demo site with demo username and password. In this community software review I’ll not talk about the layout and other things of Dzoic Handshakes, though, to be honest, there are a lot of things to talk about.If you want to extend the updates and support, you'll need to pay 75 USD a year.More 75 USD you'll have to pay if you want to remove the brand.The software includes all the basic features of community sites, such as configurable and customizable profiles, music, videos, photos, chats, ratings. System requirements Recordings and Video Chat Special Requirement Flash Media Server or red5 Server access to your application root directory Minimum * Operating System: Unix-type or Windows * Ability to setup cron tasks * PHP: version 4 or higher * PHP Settings: o allow_url_fopen = On o file_uploads = On o open_basedir = Off o post_max_size = 100M (recommended for video uploads) o upload_max_filesize = 100M (recommended for video uploads) o safe_mode = Off * My SQL: version 3.23 or higher * PHP GD Library: GIF/JPEG Read/Write support * PHP GD Library: Free Type support * PHP Curl Library: SSL support Seems that you’ll need to get either a dedicated server or a hosting account from Dzoic Handshakes itself.Also there are several plug-ins which should be purchased separately. This can be a problem for beginners as dedicated servers need to be administered, which is not so easy.

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