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I'm going to look into creating a artificial intelligence in the form of a chatterbot.I've been looking around the web, and read about projects such as Eliza which was a first simple psychotherapy program, that has now actually been written in javascript (so you can see how simple this was).“Once I start talking I don’t know when to stop, and people lose interest, and I don’t know why,” one person told Hoque. “The fact that a computer is doing it is useful.” The team’s paper states that led to a significant improvement in social interaction, based on a before-and-after evaluation of subjects by a professional career counsellor.


One of the more pernicious effects of constant communication through technology is the magnified anxiety over a system failure when people manage to talk face-to-face: a limp handshake, a joke that doesn’t land, an awkward pause, a collision with a doorway.

The software was built over two years, using more than half a million lines of code. undergraduates seeking to improve their self-presentation in front of prospective employers. But extending the software’s reach will require more research.

There is very nice tutorial on adruino Chatter box is just begining of what we can achieve with cloud and sensors.

To achieve that level of realism, the animation of the virtual coach incorporated “arm and posture movements, facial expressions, gaze behavior, and lip synchronization.” Other systems have taken a similar approach to virtual congeniality, such as the “Sensitive Artificial Listener,” the Computer Expression Recognition Toolbox, and the Rapport Agent, which, according to a paper published in 2007, set out to “to provide the nonverbal listening feedback associated with rapportful interactions.” On the TV show “30 Rock,” this sort of thing was called “Porn for Women.”But takes a more instructive approach. But there’s some comfort in receiving an objective, mechanized judgment of your interpersonal skills.

The idea sprung from a workshop held by the Asperger’s Association of New England, where Hoque and fellow researchers were approached by people seeking a technological solution to their social hardships. Just relax and be yourself.” The college kid, in a gray engineering T-shirt, looked back at the screen with an accepting frown and nodded, “O. He hunched over slightly, and thought aloud, “I don’t know.”Mary prodded, “Hi. I can’t find you.” He waved his hands at the screen. “When there’s a person there, it’s very intimidating,” he said.

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